Video Performance Rights

Personal Use means you are purchasing the video for yourself or another person strictly for
private use. It is not licensed for public use.

Professional Use performance rights give you the rights to show a DVD on a video monitor
or projector or by other means to a group of people for educational or inspirational purposes.
You may use multiple monitors within the same room. Professional Use also gives you the rights
to use a DVD in a resource library to loan to individuals.

Closed Circuit TV Use performance rights includes rights for an organization to broadcast
a Willowgreen presentation on a single-site CCTV system. If an organization has multiple
physical sites, CCTV rights must be purchased for each site. Please call our office to inquire
about how a CCTV contract works and the associated costs.

Preview Policy. You may preview DVDs for up to 10 days by paying only for the cost of
shipping and handling based upon the purchase price of the product. An invoice for the
purchase will be sent when the 10-day preview period expires if the DVD has not been