Willowgreen, Inc.

Contact Information
Telephone: (260) 490-2222
Fax: (260) 496-9622
Email: orders@willowgreen.com
Address: 10351 Dawson’s Creek Blvd., Suite B
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

About Willowgreen

Willowgreen is the lifework of James E. Miller, who designs and creates video, audio, electronic, and printed resources for individuals and families as well as for professionals and organizations. Willowgreen specializes in the areas of grief and loss, illness and caregiving, transition and older age, and spirituality and life meaning.

Most Willowgreen resources are known for their unique combination of word and image, the heart with the mind, the soul with the body, the modern with the age-old.

Willowgreen’s mission has always remained the same: “To create resources for healing, for hope, for tending that which is sacred.”